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Know Your Rights

Knowing your rights and when to use them can help protect you and your family. This page is designed to help you remain informed and even make a plan for how to stay safe. Also, be sure to drop by the Dream Center to pick up a red card that contains information about your constitutional rights and how to assert your rights in situations such as ICE agents visiting your home.

If ICE knocks on your door...
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Stay Inside

Keep Door Closed

You have the right to refuse to let ICE agents into your home unless they have a signed search warrant by a judge.

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Remain Silent

Don't Say Anything

You have the right to remain silent and refuse to answer any questions until you speak with a lawyer.

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Use Red Card

Assert Your Rights

Show your red card to ICE agents by sliding it underneath your door or holding it up against your window. Red Cards are available at the Dream Center, or print your own.

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Don't Sign

Refuse to Sign

Do not sign any documents or forms until you talk with an immigration lawyer.

Get Help

Call 707-800-4544

North Bay Rapid Response Network offers a 24/7 hotline to assist you during and after your encounter with ICE.

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Get a Lawyer

Defend Yourself

Whether you are looking for legal advice or a lawyer, SRJC Dream Center & VIDAS can connect you with legal services.

Report ICE

If you see ICE on Campus:

Call the President/Superintendent at 707-527-4431

If you see ICE in Sonoma/Napa County:

Call the North Bay Rapid Response Network at 707-800-4544

Know if ICE is in Sonoma County:

Follow North Bay Rapid Response Network on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

Advocacy & Support

SRJC ― A Safe Haven

Santa Rosa Junior College is committed to providing a safe space and support network for our undocumented students. Review SRJC Protocols and Procedures for Supporting Undocumented Students to learn essential steps in creating a safe campus community for undocumented students.


Be Prepared

Protect yourself and your family by being prepared for any emergency, including getting detained by ICE. Check out the Immigrant Legal Resource Center (ILRC) website for resources on creating a safety plan:

What Immigrant Families Should Do Now

Family Preparedness Plan

We Have Rights Videos

American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) created a series of informational videos providing tips on what to do if you encounter ICE.

Watch We Have Rights Videos...

Living in a Limbo

Living in a Limbo is a guide that helps you understand your rights, benefits, and obligations as an undocumented immigrant.

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The section titled "If ICE Knocks On Your Door…" was inspired and created using resources from Rapid Response Network and North Bay Organizing Project