"Everyone has certain basic rights, no matter who is president. Whether you’re an immigrant or an ally, we need to stand together to build power instead of fear in our communities. It is as important as ever for communities to stay educated about their rights and to be informed about how to respond to any kind of enforcement activity."


- National Immigration Law Center

Know Your Rights

If you see ICE on campus:

Call the President/Superintendent at (707) 527-4431.

Know your Rights:

Find the red cards at the Santa Rosa Dream Center. Without opening the door, give or show them to an officer if you are being detained:

North Bay Rapid Response Network. I am exercising my 5th amendment rights under the U.S. Constitution to remain silent.  I do not wish to answer questions, or hand you any documents unless you present me with a signed judicial warrant, issued to my legal name.  I am exercising my 4th Amendment rights under the U.S. Constitution and do not give you permission to enter my home or vehicle, or search my belongings without a current, signed judicial warrant. If you have a current, signed judicial warrant with my legal name, you may show it or slide under the door. I will not sign documents until I speak to an attorney.

ACLU Know Your Rights Videos

Watch the videos below to learn what to do if you encounter ICE. Remember, YOU HAVE RIGHTS.  You can also find the videos in Spanish, Urdu, Arabic, Haitian Creole, Russian, and Mandarin.

We Have Rights When ICE is Outside Our Doors 


We Have Rights in our Communities, in our Streets 


We Have Rights Inside  our Homes 


We Have Rights if ICE Arrests Us

Prepare Your Family

Our Families should be prepared  in case one of our family members is detained by ICE. Click on the following images to prepare.

What Immigrant Families Should Do Now:

(Español, Chinese, Korean, Arab, Tagalo, Vietnamese)


Immigration Law Resource Center


Family Preparedness Plan



Immigrant Legal Resource Center




Call the North Bay Rapid Response Network at (707)800-4544

North Bay Rapid Response Network Sonoma & Napa Counties, If you see immigration (ICE) agents in our community, call our hotline (707)800-4544 For more resources visit: www.northbayop.org/rapidresponse


Know if ICE is in Sonoma County

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