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Admissions Assistance

SRJC Application

For brand new students, please complete the 2-step application process below.

  1. Create a CCCApply Account (step to step instructions)
  2. Submit a SRJC application (helpful video)

Returning students who already have a CCCApply account will only need to submit a SRJC application.

Begin Application for Admission
AB 540 Eligibility

AB 540 eligible students can qualify for in-state tuition fees and apply for several types of financial aid through the California Dream Act Application (CADAA). For more information about types of aid available to AB 540 students, visit the financial aid website.

View AB 540 Eligibility & Apply
Contact Dream Center

Do you need assistance applying to SRJC or AB 540? Our office can help! Connect with a Dream Center staff by calling 707.521.7947 or email dream@santarosa.edu