ReVerberation 2019: The Fire Circle Festival of Community Voices

There are many educational and career opportunities for Undocumented students in California. Here are a few options for you:


Academic Pathway


If you are an undocumented student at SRJC and have completed the required courses to transfer, received an AA, graduated from high school or received the equivalent of a high school diploma (GED, HiSet, etc.) you may qualify for instate tuition and financial aid at a UC or CSU. You may also qualify for this benefit at different private universities across the country, but you will have to contact the Admissions and Records Office at each institution to learn about their tuition policy for undocumented students.



Graduate School



Independent Contracting


Creating a Business

Poetry - Music, Workshops, Visual Media, Performance Art

Featuring work by local actors giving voice to the real stories of two undocumented immigrants living in Coffey Part at the time of the Tubbs fire

Featuring SRJC Second Chance Club members

Presented by SRJC Alumni


Tubbs Fire Recovery Oral Histories of Our Undocumented Community:

Local actors will be giving voice to the real stories of two undocumented immigrants living in Coffey Park at the time of the Tubbs fire, and how they experienced the recovery. The script is verbatim oral historical testimony as recorded by The Response Podcast team. Theri stories highlight central struggles of the immigrant community and how the work together to overcome prejudice and disaster.

The Response is a new podcast documentary series exploring the remarkable communities that arise in the aftermath of natural disasters. Spanning the globe, each episode takes a deep dive into a unique location to uncover the remarkable stories that are hidden just beneath the surface of extraordinary events.


Second Chance Club participation:

Visual and written art will be displayed in the lobby by memebres of the SRJC Second Chance club. 

Second Chance is both a student club and a student Services Program that provides support and resources for formerly incarcerated students. Regardless of how long you were inside, or where you have been in the justice system (prison, jail, juvenile hall, etc.), you will find a home on campus and a place of belonging in Second Chance.


A Night of Experience and Truth:
Cross-Community Dialogue through Art
Hosted by NPR award-winning Performer of the Year’ Jamie DeWolf


Quenby Dolgushkin


About Them:

The ReVerberation festival is a showcase of original work speaking of personal experience. Artists will share their diverse perspectives through their art. Audience members will see a range of what life is like for people in different circumstances as they triumph in persisting and thriving in the face of adversity.


Event Day Schedule:

5:00 -  Music by Rob Reich and Co, Displayed Art, Interactive History Museums

5:10 - 5:55 - Poetry Writing Workshop by Fire Circle Theater

5:15 - 6:00 - Comic Drawing Workshop and Demo by Tom Beland

5:45 - 6:40 - Open-mic performing artists in lobby

7:00 - 8:30 - Main Stage Performance


ADVISORY: The themes and language of the performances may be uncomfortable for some. The minimum age for performers is 16. Parents, please contact us if you have questions about whether this show is appropriate for your child.