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Financial Aid and Scholarships


The Dream Center has received many questions regarding the recently announced changes to Public Charge. According to the California Community Colleges, these changes do not affect students (neither undocumented individuals, permanent residents, or others) from receiving financial aid benefits.

 "The public charge rule changes do not include educational benefits, non­cash state and local benefits, or benefits not expressly listed in the rule within the rule's definition of "public benefits." The Department of Homeland Security states in its commentary of the Final Rule that "Pell grants and student aid programs will not be considered in the public charge inadmissibility determination." Accordingly, application for or receipt of such benefits should not be considered by the Department of Homeland Security in making an admissibility determination." - Impacts of Federal Public Charge Rules Changes on California Community College Students Legal Advisory 2019-031 by the California Community Colleges.

To read more on Public Charge, please visit the Immigrant Legal Resource Center.


Financial Aid:

Visit the Financial Aid Office Website at SRJC to learn about the financial aid opportunities offered for Undocumented Students in CA and at SRJC.

Remember to submit your CA Dream Act Application every year between October 1st and March 2nd. This is specially important for transferring undocumented students.

If you do not fulfill the eligibility for AB540, drop or call the SRJC Dream Center to learn if there are other options for you.


It is important to remember that there are many scholarships open to undocumented/AB540/DACAmented students; make sure to check out the following resources to find one you qualify for. The best way to get a scholarship, is applying for it!

SRJC Scholarship Bulletin Board

The SRJC Scholarships Bulletin Board has new scholarships year round. Visit the website every month to learn which ones you qualify for!

Look out for the  Sueños Scholarship and the Vázquez, Luis Memorial Scholarship over the summer. Preference will be given for these scholarships to Latinx immigrants or children of Latinx immigrants who are AB-540.


Other Scholarship Lists

List of Undergraduate Scholarships

List of Graduate Scholarships

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